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Ethical Jewelry Moment With Caela & Minju; Founders of MODU Atelier

When I first came across MODU Atelier , I was immediately drawn to their minimalist aesthetic and stunning jewelry. I love that they put a twist on the classics, keeping each piece modern and unique. After having the chance to interview the founders, Caela and Minju, I fell in love with their mission and values as much as their jewelry. Sustainably and ethically crafted, their pieces have quickly become some of my favorite accessory staples, and I'm thrilled to introduce you to them today!

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How did MODU Atelier take form?

MODU Atelier was born from the idea that beautifully designed, quality accessories should be available to all. We strive to create elevated, everyday accessories at attainable prices with the aim to ensure our offering is welcoming to a broad audience – inclusivity is important to us. This is where the name MODU was born. Modu directly translates to all in Korean (which is where Minju was born and raised). All people. All accessories. In one place. The other half of the brand name, Atelier, signifies the craftsmanship that goes into our pieces. Our designers and vendors are exceptionally creative humans who bring together quality materials and unique design aesthetics to create the pieces we have the privilege of offering our collective.

How would you describe the MODU Atelier Woman?

The beauty of the collective MODU Atelier serves is that they are truly unique. We define our collective as those we interact with through product, conversation and relationship. There is not a list of attributes that we use to describe who our customer is – that wouldn’t do them justice. How we connect with our collective is through our values, actions and love we share for thoughtfully designed accessories. Our collective is proud and genuine in their self-expression. They aim to spark joy into their own lives and the lives of others. They value their community and their environment. They are inclusive in their actions and diverse in their thought. They are beautiful, not because they fit a mold but because they have re-created the mold. They are stars.

Where do you take inspiration from?

Our environment and our collective. The things around us that we touch, see, hear, taste and smell

inspire what we create, how we create and finally, how we operate. For instance, our packaging is 100% recyclable, down to the smallest elements. Our office resides in beautiful, lush, British Columbia, Canada. We are constantly reminded by all of our senses that we need to take care of our planet. Furthermore, our current product assortment was designed with inspiration from art, sculpture, spaces and high fashion. Our product will evolve as we continue to be open-minded with what inspires us.

It is ALL gorgeous, but if you had to choose your most-worn/favorite piece from the collection, what would it be?

The Ribbed and Organic collections are two of my personal favorite collections, and if I had to pick one piece (which is not an easy task!) I would choose the Ribbed Dome Hoop Earrings

What's on the horizon for MODU Atelier?

What I hope for MODU Atelier is that our voice grows louder and our reach grows broader. We have so many incredible people to meet and introduce to our vision and product. My hope is that we continue to meet new people, build stronger relationships with those we have already met, and genuinely add a little joy through our product to the lives of our collective. In order to achieve this, we plan on offering our product internationally in the near future as our current reach is to North America centric.

USE CODE BLOOM15 For 15% off your first purchase thru 08/22


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