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Product Swaps For A Plastic Free July & Greener Future

Plastic free July is always a reminder to me to reassess my lifestyle and see what I can improve or tweak in my everyday routine to make it more sustainable and less wasteful. After looking at everything I use that IS plastic, It's easy to get discouraged. For certain items such as shampoo, toothpaste, snacks, takeout...plastic sometimes seems unavoidable.

The exciting part is there are SO many resources and amazing brands beginning to get rid of single-use plastic in their packaging and products. I've rounded up some items that I currently use and love, such as the W&P Porter mug and glass water bottle. I bring them both with me EVERYWHERE. Usually, cafés are more than happy to fill my reusable mug. It's also super compact, easy to carry and keeps my drink warmer/colder mug longer than a disposable one would! Another plastic-free item I just discovered are these printed bees wax wraps from Anthropologie that can replace saran wrap or even plastic baggies. I've also learned that wrapping bread and other fresh food with beeswax can actually preserve it for much longer (a very cool natural phenomenon).

Every small step towards a greener future helps! Making 1-2 swaps a month will gradually form much more sustainable habits. Together we can make a HUGE difference.

What plastic-free habits are you trying to form this July? Let me know if you try out any of these product swaps!!

Click on the images to shop these plastic-free replacements!


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