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The Art of Aperitivo: An Italian Happy Hour

Aperitivo can be summed up with the Italian phrase, "L’appetito vien mangiando" which translates to "eating awakens the appetite."

For centuries, Italians have been saying 'salute!' to this beloved tradition of slowing down, coming together with friends and family, and whetting the appetite with a pre-dinner spritz and small bite.

As restrictions lift and the weather gets warmer, what better way to celebrate than with an elegant rooftop Aperitivo? I invited my sister, Mary, and my cousin Lindsey over for sunset-colored drinks, fresh Italian food, and, of course, lots of laughter. Just for fun, we got dressed up a bit and headed up to the rooftop of my building.

To start, we mixed up a classic aperitivo drink - aperol spritz! Get the recipe here

Half the fun is in the preparation! We went to Eataly in Fidi to find fresh, authentic Italian food to make a traditional aperitvo spread including bread, meats, olives and cheese.

Eataly has the most delicious olive bread!! This was served with salumi, fruit, and burrata. We made crostini (toasted baguette) topped with ricotta cheese, Prosciutto, and peach.

Another tray included more Prosciutto, mozzarella, and figs with a garnish of basil.

Sometimes setting the scene is all it takes to be transported; We felt like we were on Italian holiday. It was a lovely bella notte!


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